Relax and take a refreshing break from your everyday hustle and bustle with us. WildPark Tambach castle is the beautiful and unique combination of a castle, an english landscape park and wildlife. The baroque castle, built by monks at the end of the 17th century, and park are privately owned by of the counts of Ortenburg since the secularization. The magnificent tree scenery with old, shady trees in summer, many visual axes, generously embedded animal enclosures and aviaries, streams, ponds, a mill wheel and many flowers make the 50-acre park a unique and exciting destination for all ages. In the spring japanese cherry trees blossom followed by well over 35,000 daffodils. Later, depending on the season, you can see rhododendrons, azaleas, hydrangeas, fritillaries, roses, lavenders, hostas and more. A unique experience in autumn is the park with its magnificent autumn colours and deer rutting.
Our classicist castle church inside the castle can be visited from the castle courtyard.
Our beer garden, located directly on the deer enclosure with views of red, dam and sika deer and the playground, offers our guests various game specialties.
Free regular feeding tours and flight demonstrations in the main season 2018:
General feeding tours are in german language

2:00 pm: Feeding of wolves and lynx
Friday: 2:00 pm:
Feeding of otters, raccoons and wildcats
Saturday: 2:00 pm: Feeding of wolves and lynx
4:00 pm: Guided tour for children
Sunday: 12:00 am: Feeding of otters, raccoons and wildcats
2:00 pm: Feeding of wolves and lynx

In the thuringia. and bav. easter-, whitsun-, summer- and autumn holidays we have daily tours except on Monday - see website

Raptor flight demonstrations (March to October):
Daily: 11.00 am and 3.00 pm